Moving back from hosted apps

We are back from hosted apps to project web site.

Why? Hosted apps is closing…

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Moving to hosted apps

Site moved from to

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New alSUMBilling.

Hello. new version of the alSUMBilling is out.


1) Fixed much probles.

2) added display traffic from/to IPs, thats isn’t in squidusers table

With this version you no longer need userip table (created in ulog database) . usernames and IPs are reads from squidctr/squidusers table (you need to add IP for each user in SAMS)

 Recomended update! !

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New USB Flash Drive Cleaner!

New version 2!

Simple batch-file. Open source.
Deletes autorun.inf file and “RECYCLER” folder.
Multilanguage (Russian and English)

Version 2 is free and distributed under GPLv2.

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Updated manual for engine

1) Manual rewrited for Ubuntu users

2) New (minimized)  variant of the raw table (storage for billing data) in ulog database with new keys!

3) Modified script /root/flows/rota

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USB Cleaner 1.5

Added Russian translation.

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USB Cleaner (autorun.inf)

New product: USB Flash Drive Cleaner

Just deletes autorun.inf from your USB Flash Drive. This makes possible to open Flash Drive in Explorer after a virus

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alSUMBilling released!

First version of the alSUMBilling is online!

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Langs moved to separated package

Right now folder with langs moved to separated package.

This lang used in all Billings.

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New versions coming (Billings)

Right now i’m testing new project alSUMBilling.

As you remember, this is complete solution for accouting all traffic (proxy+NAT)  in you bussines.

This is alSAMSBilling + alLANBilling.

alSUMBilling will be released after adding multilang and some fixes for another people (right now its configured only for my databases).

Also new version of the alLANBilling and alSAMSBilling coming with fixed month selection (select any month, not just currently and prevous) .

New planned project: alTelbookLDAP. This is simply PHP-script to show contents (Name, Phone Number, email) of the your Microsoft LDAP Server (Active Directory). Like a phone book for your bussines with storage in Active Directory. May be it will be merged with “alStaff” (Telephone book for small organizations (old project name – “alPhoneBook”) integrated with base of inventory.)

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