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Updated manual for engine 1) Manual rewrited for Ubuntu users 2) New (minimized)  variant of the raw table (storage for billing data) in ulog database with new keys! 3) Modified script /root/flows/rota

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Langs moved to separated package

Right now folder with langs moved to separated package. This lang used in all Billings.

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New versions coming (Billings)

Right now i’m testing new project alSUMBilling. As you remember, this is complete solution for accouting all traffic (proxy+NAT)  in you bussines. This is alSAMSBilling + alLANBilling. alSUMBilling will be released after adding multilang and some fixes for another people (right now its configured only for my databases). Also new version of the alLANBilling and […]

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alLANBilling and alSUMBilling database optimization

Please delete old indexes before! I recomend to add this indexes to speedup processing: KEY `unix_secs` (`unix_secs`), KEY `dstusecs` (`dstaddr`,`unix_secs`), KEY `srcusecs` (`srcaddr`,`unix_secs`), KEY `output` (`output`,`unix_secs`) KEY `unix_secs` (`unix_secs`), KEY `dstusecs` (`dstaddr`,`unix_secs`), KEY `srcusecs` (`srcaddr`,`unix_secs`), KEY `output` (`output`,`unix_secs`)

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In alLANBilling added database cleanup

In the alLANBilling version 20080928 added textbox where you can type date. All records BEFORE entered date will be deleted from database. After delete database will optimize and check. Don’t forget to grant delete privilege to the user! grant delete on DATABSE.TABLE to USER; UPD: After mistake in the code…i’ve lost all records in my […]

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alb 2008!

Oh… Happy new year! Today me have woken and have informed, that it is impossible to see internet-statistics (in the alLANBilling) of work in December 2007… Fixed! Right now you can select 2007 or 2008 year. Month selection also fixed (”december bug”). Some code and UI fixes.

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Typical errors

If not working web, check this: 1) if mysql extension for php is installed (php-mysql-*.rpm must be installed) 2)when you are filling “Your local network address” you should enter (if computers in your network has addreses like,, and so on..

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Installing engine for alLANBilling

1) I hope that the NAT, routing, httpd, php, mysql,fprobe-ulog, flow-tools packages already installed 2) Add iptables rule to which all packages will be NAT-pass through ULOG This is only EXAMPLE: *filter :INPUT ACCEPT [0:0] :FORWARD DROP [0:0] :OUTPUT ACCEPT [0:0] :NETFLOW – [0:0] -A FORWARD -s -d -p tcp -m tcp –dport […]

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With release of the alSAMSBilling “lang” folder will be one for all projects (files with langs will contain traslation for both projects)

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Added English translation of Engine (NetFlow, flow-tools) installation. Original version avaible at Visit alLANBilling for links.

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