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Langs moved to separated package

Right now folder with langs moved to separated package. This lang used in all Billings.

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New versions coming (Billings)

Right now i’m testing new project alSUMBilling. As you remember, this is complete solution for accouting all traffic (proxy+NAT)  in you bussines. This is alSAMSBilling + alLANBilling. alSUMBilling will be released after adding multilang and some fixes for another people (right now its configured only for my databases). Also new version of the alLANBilling and […]

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New fixes! alSAMSBilling. 25042008

New version of the alSAMSBilling. 25042008 Changes: Fixed counting money. Added new columns in the user traffic table called “From Cache”, “From Internet” Right now when counting user trafic you’ll see 3 colums “Total trafic”, “From Cache” and “From Internet”. This meens trafic from squid cache or from internet and total traffic. In the cost […]

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asb 2008!

Oh… Happy new year! Today me have woken and have informed, that it is impossible to see internet-statistics (in the alSAMSBilling) of work in December 2007… Fixed! Right now you can select 2007 or 2008 year. Month selection also fixed (“december bug”).

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New in asb071130

Displaying client’s IP address of the query (because same user name (login) may be used from the different computers): Download from

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Grouping by sub-domain

In the alSAMSBilling version asb071012 added new feature: Grouping URLs in the user statistic by sub-domain This function will work only if your MySQL server version is higger than 5.0 (because you’ll should add user function to the MySQL and version < 5.0 doesn’t support it). Code for the function you’ll find in the file […]

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New version – asb071004!

Added sams.conf file parsing (for the sqlhost, user,password) (be careful!). Added free-urls file upload. Bug fixes!! Recomend to update.

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With release of the alSAMSBilling “lang” folder will be one for all projects (files with langs will contain traslation for both projects)

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First public of the alSAMSBilling

Today released first  public release of the alSAMSBilling. alSAMSBilling based on SAMS + SQUID , it can help you to count HTTP, FTP traffic (trought SQUID proxy-server, like web-sites, ftp-sites) for your small bussines. For counting direct traffic (like e-mail) please look at alLANBilling (based on fprobe-ulog + flow-tools).

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