Grouping by sub-domain

In the alSAMSBilling version asb071012 added new feature:

Grouping URLs in the user statistic by sub-domain

This function will work only if your MySQL server version is higger than 5.0 (because you’ll should add user function to the MySQL and version < 5.0 doesn’t support it). Code for the function you’ll find in the file ufunct.sql. (function should be created in the squldlog database!)

Thanks to the Richard K Miller ( for the function.

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New version – asb071004!

Added sams.conf file parsing (for the sqlhost, user,password) (be careful!).

Added free-urls file upload.

Bug fixes!! Recomend to update.

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With release of the alSAMSBilling “lang” folder will be one for all projects (files with langs will contain traslation for both projects)

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First public of the alSAMSBilling

Today released first  public release of the alSAMSBilling.

alSAMSBilling based on SAMS + SQUID , it can help you to count HTTP, FTP traffic (trought SQUID proxy-server, like web-sites, ftp-sites) for your small bussines.

For counting direct traffic (like e-mail) please look at alLANBilling (based on fprobe-ulog + flow-tools).

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Added English translation of Engine (NetFlow, flow-tools) installation.

Original version avaible at

Visit alLANBilling for links.

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phpal site

Welcome to the new PHPal site powered by WordPress.

I’ll be happy, if you find this site useful for yourself.

Thanks for all developers of the Open Source Projects!

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Version 11082007

Added support for the multilang! I was added Russian and English.

Some pref. fixes.

This version will count traffic only for network! I\’ll fix this later!

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Version 20070904

Updated multilang (langs moved to lang directory)!

Settings moved from script file to web-interface (right now settings doesn\’t saves).

And now you can see traffic that is not from your network (example: you are connecting notebook with IP to the your network and trying access Internet)

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