PHPal project will contain some useful (wanted):

  • PHP-scripts (web-interfaces). This scripts for system administrators from small companies, that uses Linux-based gateway (router, server).
  • Windows-programs/scripts
  • Linux-programs/scripts


To do:

  • Telephone book for small organizations (old project name – “alPhoneBook”) integrated with base of inventory. New project name is “alStaff” (PHP + MySQL + Apache)
  • Simple CMS “alCMSSimple”, planned release of the my personal CMS, that I am using in the developed by me web-sites (it small, modular, simple).
  • Simple DMS “alDMS” – document management system, read more at Wikipedia about DMS. Planned as simple PHP-scripts with MySQL-database of the documents (for bussines). Search, upload, download, modify, user management and more.