alLANBilling (based on fprobe-ulog + flow-tools + MySQL) can help you to count direct traffic (like e-mail) for your small bussines.

For counting HTTP, FTP traffic (trought SQUID proxy-server, like web-sites, ftp-sites) please look at alSAMSBilling (based on SAMS + SQUID).

How it works:

  1. Capturing information (NetFlow) from the iptables via ULOG (recommended) by the fprobe-ulog
  2. Sending this information (NetFlow) to the “recorder” flow-capture (flow-tools)
  3. Exporting information from the recorded flow-files to the MySQL database by the flow-export (flow-tools)
  4. Using PHP and Apache to display information from the database (MySQL)

Installing counting engine:




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