alSAMSBilling (based on SAMS + SQUID) can help you to count HTTP, FTP traffic (trought SQUID proxy-server, like web-sites, ftp-sites) for your small bussines.

For counting direct traffic (like e-mail) please look at alLANBilling (based on fprobe-ulog + flow-tools).

How it works:

  1. SQUID (proxy cache) proxyes http and ftp requests and log information about connections to the log-file access.log
  2. SAMS configures SQUID (users, access rules, password and more other) and parsing access.log in real-time or peredicaly (for example: every 5 minutes). Parsed data stores in the MySQL database.
  3. alSAMSBilling fetching data from this database and count traffic.

Please note, that SAMS have its own built-in billing system and you may try it firstly! This project tryes to give more advanced useful billing.

Extended features:

  • Time interval of the day (for example: work time from 9 to 18)
  • Cost counting (rub ot $)
  • Grouping URLs in the user statistic by sub-domain (This function will work only if your MySQL server version is higger than 5.0 (because you’ll should add user function to the MySQL and version < 5.0 doesn’t support it). Code for the function you’ll find in the file ufunct.sql. (function should be created in the squldlog database!) Thanks to the Richard K Miller ( for the function.)
  • Free-urls list support
  • Displaying client’s IP address  of the query (because same user name (login) may be used from the different computers)

Installing counting engine:

For install SQUID and SAMS please visit its sites:



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