Updated Skeep VNC Console

This is Skeep VNC Console version 1.4.
With updated UltraVNC up to


1) Remove old Skeep VNC.
2) Install this Skeep VNC running skeep1-4.msi
3) Copy ultravnc.ini to C:\Program Files\Skeep\Skeep VNC Console\deploy
3) Redeploy UltraVNC to your workstations

ultravnc.ini contains optimized settings. Enabled file transfer, etc…
Default UltaVNC password is: ultravnc
You can change it running as administrator C:\Program Files\Skeep\Skeep VNC Console\deploy\uvnc_settings.exe

Original Skeep VNC Console project page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/skeepvncconsole/

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